What can we say but “You two are amazing!” We couldn’t be more pleased with our photos.  Genie and Jess didn’t just capture amazing photographs but they also captured so perfectly the feeling, emotion and joy we felt that day!  That is exactly why we picked you two! I still start to cry every time I look at our album. Thank you both for being you. You made our wedding day so much fun!

Kasha and Lenny


Jess and Genie, you two were the BEST investment we made concerning our wedding day. The photographs you captured blew our friends and family away. We both loved working with the both of you throughout our day. We cannot rave about you two enough!

Melissa and Doug


The most important element about choosing a photographer is to pick someone whose professionalism and creativity you trust. Genie and Jess exemplify the highest standards in both. They are both wonderful to work with and managed to capture every single moment throughout our day without missing a single element.  We have had endless compliments on our photos. The most common compliment being, “That looks like it should be in a magazine.” Isn’t that what every bride wants to hear?

Becky and Brad


“Our photos are absolutely breathtaking!  Thank you both for capturing our wedding day so perfectly.  We couldn’t be happier with our images. It was such a joy to have the two of you there and it means the world to us that we have such an abundance of amazing photographs. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!”

Courtney and Paul


Jess and Genie are folks you’d want at your wedding even if they weren’t the one taking photos. They’re terrific fun, up for anything, and exceptionally nice. But don’t get us wrong– you do want them to bring their cameras, because Jess and Genie are inventive, encouraging, fearless photographers. We are having nearly as much fun looking at our photos as we did when they were capturing them. Jess and Genie’s skill set is matched only by their patience and good nature. They bring out the best in their subjects: They look, listen, and figure out what you want and what you’re about.  We were almost late to our own ceremony because we were having so much fun taking pictures. For the rest of the day, Jess and Genie unobtrusively captured myriad moments we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. After looking at more than six hundred photos of our wedding day—starting with our getting dressed, going through the last dance—we were sorry there weren’t another six hundred! And we’re not even that attractive, but Jess and Genie’s photos are just that good. We won’t get married again without him!

Grace and Johnathon


Dear Genie and Jess, We can’t begin to thank you both for all you’ve done for us – not just the incredible pictures, but your joyful spirits and positive energy made our wedding so memorable. We’ve received so many compliments on the two of you – “They were  so nice!” “They were so much fun!” “They really looked like they were having a good time!” And these compliments came from people of varying ages and tastes.  We were truly blessed to be able to have you capture our wedding. We LOVE our pictures!  Thank you both again for your artistry, your enthusiasm, and your warmth.

With gratitude, Elizabeth and William


Jess and Genie, You two are an INCREDIBLE TEAM!!! What and AMAZING job you did – we LOVE our photos! Many thanks for capturing it all. The moments you caught are amazing and the pictures are PERFECT! We could not be happier! There is no question you both have a rare gift, we were blown away when we saw these pictures. Jane and I sat down together and looked through the photos for hours laughing,crying and remembering! You captured moments I had no idea you had seen! THANK YOU a million times over for what you both have done for us. There is no question you have enabled us to relive our special day over and over and feel that joy again. We are SO grateful to you both for all you have done – just perfect! I look forward to hearing from you and ANY time you want us to be a reference we are more than happy to be…EVERYONE should hire you!

Thank you, – Timothy and Jane


As we planned our wedding we had to decide what was important, and what to spend our money on. We decided that we will never have another chance to get great pictures and that we should get the best photographer we could find. We looked in the phone book and on the web, but once we saw Genie and Jess’s photos on the internet we had made up our minds. We called to setup an appointment and discovered that they were the photographers at our friends wedding we would be attending. We saw Genie and Jess in action and saw the most wonderful photos they took at out friends wedding. At our wedding they captured all the emotion and spirit of our wedding day and we treasure the photos. Everyone comments on what a great job Genie and Jess did and the breathtaking photos they took. Every time we look at our photos we can’t believe how perfect they are. One of the other great things about hiring Genie and Jess was that we have the right to print all the photos we want for our use. I can’t imagine how much this has saved us. It is so nice to be able to give all our family members albums of our wedding pictures with out costing us a lot. Thank you Genie and Jess!

Autum & Mason


Dear Jess and Genie,

We can’t put into words how amazing you two are. Your energy, humor, creativity, outgoing personalities and professionalism is captured in each and every one of our photographs.  We have received so many compliments on our exquisite pictures.  Each special moment throughout our wedding day is relived every time we view our wedding album.  The mini albums were a big hit with our friends and family as well. I actually carry one with me at all times so I can show it off!  Our wedding day will forever have a special place in our hearts and we couldn’t be happier with how you captured the essence of it in our pictures.

All our best,

Samantha and Roger


Genie and Jess – First of all, thank you so much for the amazing job you both did at the wedding! We had such an amazing day and you two made everyone feel so comfortable. And the pictures are perfect! You really helped make our wedding day amazing! It was so easy to work with you both and we knew you would take wonderful pictures! Well, we were right, they are BEAUTIFUL! I would recommend you to anyone who asked without hesitation. We can’t express how much we appreciate your hard work and expertise! Your energy and positive attitudes made the experience one we’ll remember for a lifetime! Thanks again!

Love, – Daniel and Thomas


Jess and Genie, we had so much fun today looking through all the pictures – we LOVE THEM – it was great to see that beautiful day again. We are so THRILLED with the photos of our wedding.  You captured the joy and excitement of our day with such grace and brilliance.  We, along with our family and friends, would like to thank you both for your wonderful work.

Jill and Tom


Jess and Genie, we just recieved the 12×12 albums, and they are absolutely amazing! We could not be happier with the work that you both did for us. Your photos really painted a picture of what the day was like and truely captured the esscence of our special day. We really love your attention to detail and your artistic style as well as your super low-key style! Thank you so much!!! We will highly recommend you to any and all brides and grooms! You were AMAZING!!! And the albums are GREAT! Our parents love theirs too!!! Thank you so much!

Linda and Michael


Jess and Genie, The pictures are amazing. You two have managed to capture the feeling and spirit of our wedding, but most importantly you caught the touching moments that made it a special time for everyone. You both have the technique, style and charm that few photographers have mastered. It’s an unusual gift and one the two of you should be especially proud of. Again, thank you for the beautiful job! We couldn’t be more happy!

Jenny and Kent


It was an absolute PLEASURE to work with Birdsong Wedding Photography! Jess and Genie are wonderful and made us feel so comfortable while they took our engagement photos. The photos are incredible and so much more than we could have ever hoped for! We can’t wait to work with them again on our wedding day!

Tammi and Jeremy


Jess and Genie’s photographs captured the joy and emotion of our wedding day. We had a very small intimate ceremony and they were able to document it beautifully without causing any distractions throughout the day. We would confidently and sincerely recommend Jess and Genie for your wedding day. We absolutely treasure our photos!

Laura and Kevin


We highly recommend Jess and Genie! They did an amazing job with our wedding photographs! They are both extremely professional and work so great together as a team. Most of the time we didn’t even realize they were right there taking pictures the entire time. Jess and Genie had a quick response to every question and concern that we had. Thank you Jess and Genie for making our wedding day even more wonderful!

Nicole & Darrin


“Genie and Jess, we wanted to let you both know how incredibly happy we are with the pictures you took on our wedding day! They are absolutely gorgeous; we are having a difficult time deciding which images to put in our wedding album! Thank you so very much for everything. Our day couldn’t have been any better, and we really appreciate all your time and effort and hard work!”

Annie & Bryan